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Housebreaking a Puppy Acceleration Guide

"He transformed an extremely timid unconfident dog to a totally Confident, Fearless, and Happy dog" - John Steffanato, Fl

This Simple Acceleration Guide shows you the SECRETS I apply to all dogs to get them “Potty Trained”.
Your dog will be telling you when they have to go!!

  • Get your dog “Potty Trained” in Only 7 days.
  • Your dog will do its business On Demand

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As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist through the top dog training school in the country, Starmark Academy (formerly Triple Crown Academy), I want to welcome you to my site. I am an actively working In-Home dog trainer and I continue my education by regularly attending seminars. I apply this same exact proven method, which I call the C.A.L.M. Method (Communication=Attention+Leadership+Motivation),  to all the dogs and parents I work with on a daily basis, including my own personal dog.

In this System, you will learn how to Quickly and Efficiently train your dog by effectively implementing my simple training method to get AMAZING real life results. At any time, when giving any command, and when stopping any of those irritating behavior problems. I do not rely on one technique; I took the positives from multiple techniques and designed it into one simple balanced method for you to get optimum results.

I have created Dog Training On Demand dog training system from my experience of working with over 1000 dogs and hundreds of dog parents just like you. You get the luxury of having your own personal dog trainer at your convenience, any time and any day, at a low cost. DTOD is an Easy to use Step-by-Step Video Training System that will give you, the dog parent the knowledge and skills needed to teach your dogs and get real results in real life situations.

I Thank and Appreciate you for stopping by my site and Let’s Get Started training your dog TODAY!

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