What’s in a Dog’s Name? : Top 10 Cool Male and Female Dog Names You Don’t Wanna Miss

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Dog Names

Finding dog names is one of the most crucial and earliest things you have to think about especially when you are about to bring home that perfect puppy.

Not that it’s cute, but giving your dog a name primarily gives it a unique character.

Moreover, it is a name you are going to repeatedly use whenever you want to get their attention in training or just for a simple cuddle session.

Dog Names Can Be Found Anywhere

Many people don’t know what to call their dog simply because they don’t know lots of dog names to start with; that’s why many owners go to the internet and hit the search button.

A lot of online dog name directories give you names complete with background information on origins, description and even names associated with ideal dog characteristics and breeds.

In fact, the highest dog related searches include the keywords “female dog names” and “male dog names”.

In relation to this,  we are going to provide you a list of popular and cool dog female and male dog names you can use so that you won’t do another dog names search anymore.

So, sit back, relax  and let us do your name hunting for you and your dog.

Top 10 Girl Dog Names

In a recent 2011-2012 survey done by the American Kennel Club, there are currently 403,760 registered dogs all over the US and from that number, 280,090 of them are female.

Here are the top ten female dog names you’ll like to use for your canine “girl” friend.

 Cliff Santos Dog Training On Demand DTOD Top Girl Dog Names

Top 10 Female Dog Names

Bella seems to be the number 1 choice for the American female dog population whose biggest dog breed number is that of the Labrador Retriever.

Retrievers take 15% out of the total number of dogs officially registered in the US. Lucy and Daisy are coming in at second and third respectively with Roxy placing tenth overall in the list.

Top 10 Boy Dog Names

According to the same survey, there are currently 289,136 male registered dogs in the US. Male dogs make up 72% of the entire US dog population.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 10 male dog names you’d love to use for your canine “boy” pal.

Cliff Santos Dog Training On Demand DTOD Top Boy Dog Names

Top 10 Male Dog Names

Men and owners in  general really treat their male dogs as their canine “buddy” so it’s no surprise why the name rose high on the list.

The names Max and Charlie are in second and third followed by Jake and Rocky.The friendly animal namesake Bear is closing in at tenth place.

It seems that preferences for dog names still rely on a name’s usage, origins and meaning.

Bella, for example, is an Italian name that originally means “beautiful” while Daisy is a famous flower, both  being female related adjectives and things.

On the other hand, Max and Charlie are famous shortened English king names while Bear is an animal, suggesting strength and dominance; traits seen in dogs as well.

Naming your canine best friend gives more meaning and creates a closer relationship between you and your dog. It’s provides people a view into your dog’s personality and a small idea of your whole dog-owner relationship.

Aside from that, the way you say your dog’s name and his response to you calling out his name can say a lot of truth about the both of you; that he’s no longer just an animal but an important and integral part of your life.

I hope you have fun naming your best friends using this guide. Let’s hear from you too. Like, Share and Comment below.

 Question: What name did you give your dog and why did you choose that name for him or her? 

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