Top 5 Best Dog Memes on the Internet

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Dog Memes

It’s no secret that dog memes are the funniest pictures  to share around the internet and social media nowadays.

From Lawyer Dog to ihazacheeseburger memes, these pictures would surely bring out the funny “dog” out of you.

Here are the top ten dog memes you’ll surely love.


Top 10 Funny and Viral Dog Memes

1. Stoner Dog

Stoner Dog is a picture of a smiling dog with marijuana backgrounds. It’s circulating around the internet since 2008 but as just reached popularity this year including its own Facebook page.

Dog Training On Demand Cliff Santos DTOD Stoner Dog Meme

Stoner Dog











2. Lawyer Dog

Lawyer Dog is also one of the most famous dog memes around Social Media sites. This Corgi dog is dressed in a suit and dishes out legal advice. It came out in 2011 and has gained popularity ever since.

Dog Training On Demand Cliff Santos DTOD Lawyer Dog Meme

Lawyer Dog










3. Yes,This Is Dog

If you ever seen a Black Labrador answering a phone pic, then you’ve definitely seen this meme. Yes, This is Dog is a popular meme that was taken from an 80’s Serbian film. However, this didn’t make the rounds until a photo of Duane “Dog” Chapman appeared with the caption “Yes, This Is Dog”.

Dog Training On Demand Cliff Santos DTOD Yes, This Is Dog

Yes, This is Dog










4. On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog

This meme was first launched in 1993 as a comic depicting a dog using the internet anonymously. It resurfaced in 1996 but was received mildly until in 2012, a video of a cat browsing the internet for mice cropped up on Youtube. This viral video led to many versions including horses, cups and monkeys.

Dog Training On Demand Cliff Santos DTOD On The Internet nobody Knows You're A Dog

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog










5.  Depression Dog

Depression Dog meme shows a wide eyed dog who’s apparently depressed. A compilation video was released on YouTube during Valentines’ Day which made this meme a hit with the online crowd.

Dog Training On Demand Cliff Santos DTOD Depression Dog

Depression Dog











Dog memes are creative pictures that show dogs in a new light. With funny messages they have, who wouldn’t want to share them with friends? You can also recreate funny memes like these for a fun photo activity with your dog.

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Question: What other dog memes do you enjoy sharing on Social Media?


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