Dog Proofing Part 2: Making Your Home Dog Friendly


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Dog Proofing: Making Your Home Dog Friendly

Now, you’re already set, both mentally and emotionally to have a dog in your home but this doesn’t mean you’re already finished with the preparations. You still have to do dog proofing.

Remember dogs aren’t humans and they have a knack of destroying things inside our home.

Therefore, before you bring that puppy over, make sure that your house has all the precautions it needs to stay intact even after the dog arrives.


Why Should You Dog Proof Your Home

Having a dog in the house means having a new room mate but in this case, you get a non-human one. Dogs are still animals so they have a different sense of environment from humans. You can find out how to prepare your self first before dog proofing your home in this previous post.

They are curious beings so they tend to explore everything that’s around them including occasional rips and tears on your carpet.

Steps in Dog Proofing your Home

Home is where you come home to but if you have a dog, it changes things. That’s why in this article, we will give you steps in keeping house and your dog safe as well inside your home.

1. Have an air purifier handy

Air purifiers are a must since the dog may contribute to some unnecessary smells that may spread inside your home and cause allergies and asthma attacks.

2. Keep all small things and choking hazards stored

Store all your small toys and other similar things away from the main area where your dog would mostly be in. This is to avoid accidental swallowing and choking for your dog.

3.  Get electricity outlets and electric cords away from your dog’s reach

Hide electricity outlets and have your electrical cords attached to the wall or between the wall and floor area. You should do this to avoid electrocution and you don’t want this to happen to your dog while you’re gone.

4. Store lots of non-toxic cleaners and towels

Dogs can be pretty messy so it’s advisable to have cleaning materials ready every time they  try to bring dirt into the house.

Avoid chemical based cleaners as they can affect both you and your dog’s health. Towels are a sure need as you need them to wipe off your buddy from an afternoon walk in the rain.

5. Get your dog its own room or crate

Dogs sometimes need to be isolated especially when you’re out from home longer than you expected. In this case, you have to get your dog inside a room or a crate where he/she will stay put until you get back from outdoors.

Having is such a great experience to have although a little precaution goes a long way by saving you time and money you need for other things in your life. Remember, you’re not going to be sorry if you’re always on the ready.

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Question: Does having a dog add a new aspect to your home life?

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