Dog Proofing Part 1: Preparing Yourself for Owning a Dog

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Preparing Yourself For Owning a Dog


Congratulations on your decision to finally own a dog.

But wait.

Now, you have to prepare for your dog’s needs and wants.

Because owning a dog has a lot of things to consider.

And maybe, they may also be more than you can handle.


Why Should You Prepare?

Owning a dog is not that easy. You can’t just get one and leave it there on its own.

Dogs are special as they need attention and the right kind of environment to thrive. If you can’t provide it, then just forget having one.

There are many ways to prepare oneself when it comes to owning a dog. You can prepare their sleeping area, accessories like leashes and food bowls.

However, any other preparation isn’t effective if you haven’t prepared the most important aspect of dog ownership: YOURSELF.

Prepare Yourself First

Dogs can eat much of your tie, effort and energy but at the same time, their affection can be the most sought after reward you’ll seek after a long day. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for any situation you may encounter with your dog. Here are some things you can do to get yourself “dog” ready.

1. Be aware that you’ll have another “person” to live with

Dogs, though not persons, are living, breathing things. They also have needs and wants to satisfy so as early as now, be aware that you’ll have another thing to look out for aside from yourself.

2.  Be ready for any disturbance that might happen

Living with dogs is a messy affair as a lot of unexpected things happens on and off your watch.

They might scoot off to your lawn while you’re asleep or they may rummage through your trash while you’re off to work.

Don’t worry much about this as some of these situations are temporary and curable with proper behavior training.

3.  Accept the fact you’ll be adding “walking” to your schedule

Dogs are active pets so expect you’ll be having lots of walking activity in your schedule. Aside from that, you can also do lots of other activities that involve exercise and the outdoors.

4. Expect to receive lots of positive vibes

Not all preparations should be all about the dog. You should also expect changes in your feelings and emotions since dogs can bring you lots of positive vibes that you’ll surely can’t get enough of.

Dogs are such a joy to have and with the right mindset and emotional state, you’ll be able to enjoy their company and enjoy the perfect dog-owner lifestyle you’ve always dreamed.

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Question: What personal preparations did you make while waiting for your dog to arrive? 

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