Dog Health Facts: Breast Cancer in Dogs and How to Prevent Them

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Dog Breast Cancer

It’s October and it’s Global Breast Cancer Awareness Month. However, there are still a lot of people who are unaware that dogs, too, can acquire breast cancer.

Canine breast cancer affects 1 out of 4 dogs in the country and is one of the known diseases that affects female dogs.

In this article, we will discuss canine breast cancer and how we can detect early symptoms before it’s too late.

What is Dog Breast Cancer?

Dog or Canine Breast Cancer is a tumor found in the breasts or mammary glands of female dogs. Their sizes range from small nodes to bigger, visible tumors on the breasts themselves. However, this disease is curable but only with early detection and constant follow ups with the veterinarians.

What are the Causes of Breast Cancer in Dogs?

There are many factors that lead to breast cancer growth in dogs. One of these is the female hormone, progesterone.

Non-spayed dogs usually still produce this hormone and is proven to have a more direct relation to the growth of this disease. Spayed dogs, on the other hand, have less risk of developing the said disease as their progesterone production has been greatly reduced due to their sterilization.

What Should I Do to Prevent My Dog from Having Breast Cancer?

There are 3 ways to prevent breast cancer from happening to your dog.

1. Schedule a regular checkup with your vet.

Self diagnosis won’t help in dealing with dog health issues so always schedule a regular check up with your veterinarian. In this case, make sure he checks your dog’s breasts for uncommon tumors and have him diagnose if it’s a benign (non cancerous) or malignant (cancerous) tumor.

2. If a tumor has been detected, have it surgically removed.

In cases where a tumor has been detected early into the checkup, ask your vet if it can be removed. But also ask him if your dog has any other health issues that may become complicated once surgery takes place. If there is none, don’t hesitate. have it removed immediately.

3. Have your dog spayed.

If there’s no tumor detected and your dog hasn’t been spayed, get him to the nearest vet and have the process done on her. It will not only save you from unplanned pregnancies but it will also save your dog’s health.

Your dog’s health is important among other things. Constant check up, balanced diet, proper hygiene and exercise will surely make a healthy and happy dog out of your pet.

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