Dog Grooming: 6 Basic Tools You Need to Groom Your Dog

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Dog Grooming

Grooming your dog takes a lot of time yet it lets out the beauty that is inside your dogs all along.

Brushing their fur, trimming their hair and nails are just some of things you can do to make sure your dog stays beautiful and clean.

Remember, a clean dog is a sign of a well behaved and well cared for dog.

Why Dogs Need Grooming

Dogs basically can clean themselves. In fact, dog lick their coats a lot to keep them shiny and clean. However, their grooming habits aren’t enough to really do just that.

As owners, it is our duty to look after them and keep them nice and clean all the time by having their furs cut short or by giving them a bath one or twice a week.

Plus, grooming them ourselves assures us that no flea, tick or any parasite stays on our dogs. It is a sure way of keeping them healthy and immune against any other diseases caused by unclean surroundings.

6 Tools You Need to Groom Your Dog

Of course, like any other process, dog grooming needs tools for specific grooming functions like trimming, cutting and drying fur. Here are the tools you need in cleaning up and primping your dog.

1. Bath Tub

Bath tubs are used to secure the dog while bathing. Bath tubs could be a normal bath tub or a metal one that’s specifically for dog use.

The bath tub’s height should be enough to keep your dog in and not be able jump over easily. If there are no bath tubs around, you can use an enclosed area, a kiddie pool, or any area with a nearby water supply for easy dog bathing.

2. Sprayer

For bathing your dogs, you need a water sprayer to easily douse water all over your dog’s coat.

If sprayers aren’t available, you can use a garden hose with a spray nozzle as alternative.

3. Blow Dryer

A good working blow dryer helps you dry your dog’s coat evenly and faster. Even when toweled off, there are some parts of a dog’s coat that refuses to dry fast so it’s a great tool to have for drying dog fur.

But take note, blow dryers can give off excessive heat so always watch out for excessive blow drying as it may get your dog burned.

4. Dog Brush

Dog brushes are useful in keeping your dogs fur neat and shiny. They also take out excess fur that may become matted if not taken care of.

Use the brush on your dog’s fur while drying it to set it in place.

5. Nail Trimmer

Dog nails can also grow fast so it’s a requirement to trim their nails before they get too long using a nail clipper or electric file.

However, cutting your dog’s nails too short with nail clippers may cause bleeding so it’s best to have blood clot powder available or have expert assistance from a veterinarian or a professional dog groomer to handle this step for you if you are not comfortable.

6. Ear Cleaning Solution

Use ear cleaning solution to remove any water that may have entered into the ear canal to prevent an ear infection.

Although not listed as a tool, be sure to use plenty of treats throughout all of the processes to condition your dog to enjoy every aspect of dog grooming. Soon enough you’ll be having your dog eager to be groomed!

Having a clean and very attractive dog is every owner’s dream. Therefore, every owners must commit themselves to the responsibility of taking care of their dog’s health and appearance. You can do this yourself or if you’re busy, you can have a dog groomer to do this for you. You’ll never know, you may have the cutest and most adorable dog around the block.

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Question:  Do you groom your dog yourself? What steps do you follow in grooming your dog?

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