Dog Breed 101: Top 5 Popular Dog Breeds

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Top 5 Dog Breeds

Knowing and understanding dog breeds can get you a long way when it comes to choosing and owning a dog.

For one, certain dog breeds need special kind of care and attention depending on their appearance, size and temperament.

If that need isn’t primarily addressed, lots of problems may occur that may lead to more complications that will certainly affect the lifestyle you first envisioned with your dog.

Why are there many Dog Breeds?

Dogs have come along way since their evolution from their wolf ancestors. They’ve changed a lot in terms of food preferences, social habits and canine behavior.

Unlike their wolf cousins, dogs eventually became domesticated therefore resulting to lack if not loss of wildlife instincts such as hunting, pack interaction and survival.

However, these breeds still retain specific behaviors like aggression and dominance due to their unique origins and social functions which explains why some dogs have certain skills, strengths, weaknesses and temperaments.

There two kinds of dog breeds: pure bred and mix bred dogs.

Pure bred dogs are coming from a long line of old dog breeds. Dogs such as Labrador Retrievers and  Poodles are examples of pure bred dog lines.

Dog breeds are a case of selective breeding where different breeds were combined to achieve a specific physical or aptitude enhancement in dogs.

In fact, famous selective dog breeding gave birth to smaller breeds like the French Bulldogs and TeaCup Pomeranian types.

5 Top Dog Breeds You Have to Own

According to the a recent 2012 survey done by the AKC (American Kennel Club), the top 5 most popular breeds of choice are the following:

1. Labrador Retriever

dog breed labrador retreiver

Labrador Retriever: Sophia









Labrador Retrievers or simply “Labs” are a dog breed originated from Newfoundland island in Canada. They are thought of a resulting mix of Canadian St. John dogs and Portuguese mastiffs.

Labradors are big dogs with males going up to 90+ lbs. while females can go up to 70lbs. Their shiny coats of fur ranges from yellow, black to even chocolate brown color varieties.

They are also generally playful, kind and outdoorsy type of dogs. Because of their good nature, they are often taken in as family dogs.

Famous Labradors include Jake, an once abandoned, injured Black Lab shelter dog who became famous his heroic search and efforts in 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina tragedies.

2.  German Shepherd

dog training on demand cliff santos dog breed German shepherd dog

German Shepherd: Jax & Rosie









Originally bred for sheep herding in Germany, German Shepherds became one of the famous intelligent dog breeds now used for K9 and special bomb sniffing missions.

Known for their keen sense of smell and speed, these dogs are usually used to ward off bomb threats and chase suspects and criminals thus earning them a scary reputation among the police force.

Since this breed was a result of prior numerous and selective breeding, these dogs come in different color varieties with tan/black or tan/red coat combinations.

Famous German Shepherds include John F. Kennedy’s dog, Clipper.

3. Golden Retriever

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Golden Retreiver: Vanity









Big and extremely furry are these Golden Retriever dog breeds. This Scottish breed was reared purely to fetch hunting game in the water such as ducks. Their shiny fur has a top and an inner coats which surprisingly repels water.

Golden Retreivers are famous guide dogs because of their size and intelligence. They also famous with children as they are kind, gentle and patient.

They also are fun loving and are often the most likeable dogs chosen by lots of families.

Famous Golden Retrievers are Buddy of Air Bud fame and Gerald Ford’s dog, Liberty.

4. Beagle

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Beagle: Daisy









Beagles are famous for their huge, lopsided ears and tri colored fur, usually in white, brown and black.  Unlike the first three, they are of small size and closely related to the Hound breed.

Thet were foremost bred to hunt and track small, fast game like rabbits.

Beagles are used as scent detection dogs to detect termites, bed bugs, and at airports being part of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to detect foods and pests.

They are also sociable and good natured dogs as well. Their small size, easy to care for, and good nature also make beagles the most popular breed used in lab testing.

Snoopy, one of the most famous cartoon strip dog characters, is a Beagle.

5. Bulldog

dog training on demand cliff santos dog breed

English Bulldog: Jorgie









Bulldogs, or originally English bulldogs, are a small, heavy set type of dog breed with a protruded or extended lower jaw facial feature.

Bulldogs have a reputation of having a fierce nature. This may be due to the fact that they were famous for early English fighting entertainment as they were bred to fight bulls and other dogs in an arena for sport.

However, this perception is slowly changing as bulldogs turned out to be friendly and low maintenance as they don’t need a lot of attention. Famous bulldogs include Michael Jackson’s dog, Large.

Studying dog breeds is interesting as it adds new knowledge in understanding dogs’ natural abilities, skills and temperament.

Each breed’s history gives us a glimpse into a dog’s psychology and behavior which will help us in tuning in to the energies and mindset of our future canine buddy.

So there you go! These are the 5 breeds you should think about when you’re out there looking for a new puppy or dog to hang around with you in your home.

Question: What breed do you think suits your personality well? Write them down below. We’d love to hear your comments.

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