Dog Basics Part 4: 5 Key Points in Buying a Puppy

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Buying a Puppy

Buying a puppy is not as easy as you think because there are many things to consider like budget, breed and quality.

Puppies must be worth every cent that you pay so you have to select the best from the rest.

In this article, we will teach how to purchase puppies or dogs wisely without the hassle.


Why and Where do People Buy Puppies?

The cuteness and the experience of having puppies are the reason why lots of people breed and purchase them. Of course, any young animal is cute and a puppy is no exception.

However, the process of breeding dogs is not for everybody so only a chosen few can go out and produce puppies for the public’s demand. These people are called breeders.

These breeders mate their female dogs with male dogs to produce a litter of puppies. These puppies arrive soon at birth and eventually sold to other potential owners for a price.

These puppies, in turn, may be sold directly by the breeder or sold through pet shops and online pet stores as well.

 5 Key Points to Remember When Buying a Puppy

So, now you know why and where people buy puppies from. Next, you should consider these 5 key points that will help you select and buy the best puppy you want for yourself.

1. The puppy must be from a licensed breeder

Whether online or offline, the puppy you’re willing to purchase must be from a licensed breeder. Licensed breeders are authorized to breed dogs and are following strict guidelines and practices to ensure dog breeding safety.

Moreover, these breeders are responsible people that look after the health of both the dam and her puppies. For more information on licensed breeders, you can call your local animal registries and search in trusted dog breeding directories.

2. The puppy should be registered

Registration of puppies helps the local animal department keep track of dog population.

Having your puppies registered also lets your puppy receive future free medical care and updates from your local public veterinary office.

3. The puppy should come with corresponding health papers

Your puppies, upon their birth, should be properly vaccinated and dewormed.

With health papers, you’ll be sure that your puppy has been given the proper health procedures before being given to you.

4. The puppy must be available for viewing

Puppies must be available for viewing so you can tell for yourself that the puppy is really what you’re getting.

You can also judge for yourself if the puppy is healthy looking as advertised by the breeder. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. The puppy must be the exact one you’ve chosen

If you reserved a puppy online or offline, make sure it’s the same puppy you’ve chosen. Bring a picture of the puppy you chose and visit the breeder after you made the reservation.

Some breeders use names instead so you can remember the name of the puppy you chose. After you made sure it’s the puppy you want, make sure it’s also available for pickup immediately.

Buying a puppy just because a “dog for sale” sign is up is not practical. You should also do your bit of research to make sure that the puppy is legally produced, registered and healthy. This is because a puppy is not only a pet but an investment you choose to add into your life.

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Question: Are you planning to buy a puppy? What are your personal checklists when it comes to purchasing one?

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