Dog Basics Part 3: 4 Things You Need to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

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Adopting a Dog


Finally, your decision to get a dog is final and you’re already set to look for the nicest dog to bring to your home.

You also already set yourself on going the adoption route.

However, you don’t know the real process of dog adoption. Bummer.




Why Adoption Isn’t Easy

Dog adoption is a process that requires lots of heavy decisions that involve psychological, emotional and financial aspects.

Each aspect of this decision must be stable and deep enough for you to really consider the adoption process.

That’s why you have to carefully assess yourself if it’s really adoption you want or is it just because you think it’s the right thing to do.

4 Things to Consider Before you Adopt a Dog

Okay, now let’s give you things to consider before adopting a dog. Assess yourself against these criteria so you can gauge clearly where your adoption interests lie.

1. Are you adopting a dog because of personal or social ethics reasons?

Yes, it is important what your reasons are for adopting. It is true that 60% of dogs get euthanized inside shelters but do you honestly care about it?

Even without the facts, do you still personally care about dogs that live in shelters? If your answer is yes, then go to the next criteria.

2. Have you ever had experience with shelter dogs?

Have you ever visited dog shelters, spent time there and foster cared some dogs? This is to make sure that you know the environment they’re in and you know how these dogs get into action.

A little knowledge of dog shelter life can work wonders for you when you adopt your every own dog in the future.

3. Do you have an environment that will suit your rescued dog’s?

Rescued or shelter dogs have quite small spaces and they get low attention in their previous homes so it’s beneficial for dogs of their kind to have a better version environment.

This means, you should provide them with free space to roam around and a friendly environment that will accommodate them. This will make them feel better and live well beyond their past experiences.

4. Are you open for any change or adjustments needed by the dog?

Dogs from shelter have bad experiences that may have caused them trauma that led to some behavior irregularities.

Some of these dogs may relapse so it’s a requirement from any potential owner to be open to any sudden changes and adjustments. It is you, not the dog, who has control over this matter.

Dog adoption is a lovely idea to go through but only when you have the right mindset and environment needed in raising shelter dogs. Moreover, it’s a noble cause to take up and be a part of as it creates awareness for proper animal treatment. So, always keep in mind that adoption is always a great option to take only when you are ready and prepared for its responsibilities and consequences.

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Question: What other things are you considering when adopting a dog?  Do you have animal shelters you can recommend? Comment and lets us know below.

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