Dog Basics Part 2: Should You Get a Puppy or a Dog?

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Considering dogs and their age is also one factor to consider when getting yourself a dog.

A dog’s age determines what level of training, emotional and psychological adjustments an owner must take.

Furthermore, age also determines a dog’s emotional and psychological state as well so it’s really an important thing to consider when planning to take a dog into your home.

Is Age Important?

Younger dogs and older dogs have slightly different behavior patterns.

Puppies tend to be more active and playful since they are younger. Older dogs are also playful but emotionally stable as they are already mature.

Puppies need gradual change in their eating habits; older dogs have established their diets. Younger dogs have zero to minimal behavior patterns that need hands on attention. Older dogs have set behaviors that need correction every now and then.

However, we are not only considering dog’s age mostly. We are also considering the owner’s psychological and emotional age as this also plays a role in rearing their pets.

Dog Ages and Corresponding Owner Types

Dog age determines training requirements and behavior adjustments. It also gives owners ideas on how they should prepare themselves for their dog’s coming.

Owners should also categorize themselves to  find the perfect dog with an age that suits their personality, experience and psychological capacity. Here are their ages and corresponding owner types.

1. Puppies

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a. Breeders, Trainers and Experienced Owners

These people can choose to raise puppies or dogs depending on their choice. Their experiences helped them recognize behavior patterns. They can instantly correct, train and do activities with their new canine friends since they already know what to do.

2. Dogs

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a. First time Owners and Casual Owners

These people  have minimal to medium level experience when it comes to raising a dog. That is why, older dogs are generally preferred for these types of people as they don’t need to be thoroughly behavior trained. They can, however, house train and do a little positive reinforcement if their dog has some bad personality ticks.

Now you know how age affects how dogs behave. In turn, this information tells us a lot about how they should be handled and how, as owners, should we adjust ourselves in relation to them.

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Question: What’s your dog age preference? Are you a puppy or a dog person?

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