Cure Dog Diarrhea Quickly With These 3 Simple Home Remedies


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Home Remedies to Cure your dogs diarrhea

Dog Diarrhea is one of the most common ailments we see in dogs.

It is an illness where the dog displays lack of appetite and often produces watery stools that vary in color: from red, green, chocolate brown and even black.

Diarrhea oftentimes is caused by a dog’s weak digestive system which causes the dog much discomfort.


What are the Causes of Dog Diarrhea?

Diarrhea occurs due to the following causes: indigestion, parasites and stress.

Dogs tend to eat whatever they find around them like garbage, spoiled food, grass and even plastic ornamental plants. Dogs vomit some of these things back but some partially digestible items remain in the dog’s system until it passes out through their liquid stools.

Another cause of diarrhea is abdominal parasites. These host interfere with the natural digestion process inside these dogs’ stomach resulting in an overactive expulsion of waste products from the dog’s body.

Last but not the least cause of diarrhea is stress. New puppies and even older dogs also adjust to their new environments. Because of this, some of them may choose not to eat and  leave their stomachs with nothing to digest. This results to a roller coaster effect in the digestive system that may result eventually in diarrhea.

What Can I Do to Cure My Dog?

Now that you know the causes of diarrhea, here are some simple home remedies and first aid options you can take to take care of your sick puppy or dog.

1. Have your dog fast for at least a day

Because your dog’s diarrhea may have been caused by something he ate, then the next thing to do is to clear his system of the culprit. Fasting allows the dog’s tummy to rest.

2. Go bland.

To avoid further episodes of liquefied stools,  have your dog on a bland rice and water diet. Mix this extra gooey rice with baby food for additional flavor plus protein. This reintroduces pure and clean food back into your dog’s system.

3. Add Probiotics

Since your dog’s stomach have bacteria inside it, you can also add probiotics like plain yogurt to counteract the bad bacteria.

After a few hours or days, you will see some improvement in your dog. If not, seek professional help. Call or visit you local vet for more instructions.

Sick dogs need to be taken care of. That’s why, every owner should care to know the symptoms of dog diarrhea and how to prevent it from getting worse. Diarrhea is a minor health issue but when not properly given attention, may cause more pressing problems for you and your puppy.

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Question: What other health problems did your dog have? What steps did you take to take care of your sick dog?


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