6 Things You Can Do with Your Dog for Exercise

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Things You Can Do with Your Dog For Exercise

Exercising with your dog can prove to be a healthy endeavor to take. It improves your physical as well as your emotional and spiritual health. Plus, being with your dog build a strong bond that will surely bring you closer to each other.

However, not all exercise routines can be done with your dog like lifting weights and yoga. That’s why in this article, we will show you 6 ways you and you dog can exercise inside and outside your home. I bet you’d be surprised at what everyday activities you and your dog are already doing can be considered as exercises.

Why Should You Exercise with Your Dog?

Like you, dogs also need sufficient exercise to stay healthy.In fact, 23 –41% of dogs in the US are considered obese and obesity death tolls are on the rise since 2011.

This means that dogs are also at risk of dying due to lack of exercise. This also is a wake up call to get your dog moving or later they won’t.

 6 Daily Exercises for You and Your Dog

A healthy dog means a longer life for them. Keep them energetic and healthy through proper dog food and diet coupled with exercise that you could do both at the same time.

Here’s 6 Things you can do with your dog for exercise.

1. Go up and down the stairs with your dog

Simply climbing and going down the stairs is a great exercise routine you and your dog can enjoy. It’s known as a great aerobic activity that strengthens up your heart and lungs.

2. Enjoy a Peaceful Walk

Walking is a nice bonding activity you can do with your dog. It’s very peaceful and it lets you enjoy the scenery around.

Plus, it burns all the calories you need after that heavy meal.

3. Play Fetch

Fetch is a fun game to play with your dog. It also doubles as an exercise routine as it gets your dog up and running for the ball. Make sure you also change areas so you can get your share too.

4. Treadmill

The treadmill is a great exercise equipment to have inside your house. You can have 2 treadmills for you and your dog, take the treadmill together or have the treadmill in turns. Whatever way you choose, it keeps you both in shape.

5. Skating and Bicycling

Skating, whether roller skates, rollerblades, or a skate board, and bicycling can be a great exercise for both owner and dog. You can have the dog run at your side at a normal pace or run ahead while you skate or cycle right behind them.

However, this exercise isn’t 100% reliable as some dogs run faster than you think. Be sure to start off slow and be able to have control as it is more advanced.

6. Swimming

There’s nothing more fun and exhausting as swimming at the beach or in a pool with your dog. It lets you work all your muscles and at the same time, have a happy bonding time with your canine friend. You can also incorporate a fun game of fetch into the water.

Exercise is a necessary activity to have as it keeps you and your dog in shape. However, some exercises take out the fun in the activity that’s why it isn’t fun to do. Change up things and add a fun element in your exercises so you and your dog can have an exciting way of keeping yourselves as healthy as possible.

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Question: What makes exercise and interesting activity for you and your dog? Do you enjoy exercising with your dog?

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