6 Hottest Summer Safety Tips to Keep your Dog Cool and Healthy


Watch for signs of heat exhaustion

Summer season is the hottest part of the year and that means everybody has the reason to cool themselves down in pools and in beaches.

However, this also means that you ,and especially your dog, should be careful as you risk higher temperatures by staying under the sun.

Going longer hours under a hot weather would cause our bodies to dehydrate and erupt into sunburns.

But in the case of your dogs, they could develop dog strokes and seizures. It could also be much more serious and if not, fatal.

That’s why we are compiling the 6 hottest safety tips to keep your dog cool and healthy during the summer.

1. Walk your dogs in the evening

In summer, the coolest parts of the day are from late afternoons to evenings. Change your walking routine from day to night as your dogs need their exercise but without the sweat.

2.  Provide them lots of water

We could never stress enough the importance of water for everyone, including your dogs. Make it a habit to  bring lots of water for your dog especially when you’re out and away from home.

3. Let them stay under the shade  

Excessive and direct heat from the sun causes most heat strokes and seizures in dogs. To prevent this from happening, let them stay inside the house or under tree shades so they can remain their normal body temperatures.

4.  Never leave dogs in the car

Cars absorb heat and it tends to keep that heat inside for hours. That heat will be enough to set off your dog’s temperature and he may start panting and irritability, which are signs of an impending heat stroke. Limit your car travels or leave your dog at home if necessary.

5. Let them walk on the ground

Asphalt and concrete absorb heat much faster that they could fry the paws off your furry pal. Instead, let your dogs walk on grassy fields and wet ground where there are lots of moisture available for their feet.

6. Have lots of summer swimming activities

Take off that heat stress from your dogs by allowing them to swim in the pool or the beach. This helps them cool much faster as their bodies adapt to the cold water. Plus, it’s a fun time to bond with them too!

Having a fun summer is a great thing but having a healthier dog to spend summer is far better than that. As much as we love summer, we must never forget that dogs also need our special care and attention. So, before you don that bikini or polish that surfboard, make sure your dog is well hydrated and in a cool environment.

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