5 Tips in Choosing the Best Dog Food for your Dogs

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Tips in Choosing the Best Dog Food for your Dogs

Finding the best food for your dogs can be pretty overwhelming as there are dozens,if not many, kinds, types and brands of dog food to choose from.

From dry, wet to all natural, these foods help your dog get the proper nutrition necessary for their health.

But how does one really choose the right food for their dog?



Don’t Just Give Them Any Food

Dog food certainly evolved through the years through careful study and research about dog health and nutrition.

Certain food items like onions and garlic are proven dangerous to dogs while some  substances like the ones found in soybeans cause allergies that may be harmful to their system.

Because of this, many dog food manufacturers create products that are high both in quality and nutrients.

That’s why , in this article, we are giving you these 5 tips on how to find the best food for your dogs.

1.  Always read the label.

Don’t just pick a pack of dog biscuits from the grocery. Read the label, front and back, to see what its ingredients are. Check if its classified as raw, all natural, dry or wet dog food.

2. Look at the percentage of each ingredient.

Percent of ingredients are also listed on the labels of each dog food you buy.

Spend as much time getting to know its composition as this food will fill in energy requirements needed by your dog.

3. Do your Brand Research

There are cheap and expensive dog food on the market but they are priced because of their nutritional content.

Before going to the store, search the internet for information about the brands you are about to buy to see if they are dog nutritionist certified.

4. Get reviews from experienced fellow dog owners

Nothing beats recommendations from more experienced dog owners.  Ask them what kind of food do they feed their dogs and how their dogs like the food.

Ask them if their dog had allergies after eating a specific kind of dog food brand and how the dog reacted to it after a certain amount of time. That way, you can get firsthand information and prevent possible bad outcomes.

5.  Visit your local vet

Professional advice is always the best.

Ask your local veterinarian to have your dog undergo tests to make sure what kind of nutrients does he need more like protein or grains. Ask  him also about certain allergies your dog may potentially have.

Dogs need as much nutritious and high quality food as humans do. However, their needs are different from ours and by gving proper attention to their diet, you can be ensured of a happy, healthy and energetic dog in the household.

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Question: What dog food do you give your dog? What’s his favorite?

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