5 Dog Breeds for Your Personality Type

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Dog Breeds for Your Personality Type

Adopting a puppy or rescuing dog breeds from a shelter is a new adventure for every first time or even the experienced owner.

Each person has his own idea of what kind of dog and what breeds to get.

However, before you go to a puppy breeder and start picking out a dog for yourself, it is important that you know your own personality, match it with your ideal dog breeds in order to get that perfect dog you want.

Why do Human and Dog Personalities Matter?

It is a fact that every dog and dog breed has its own personality type. Dog breeds have varied characteristics and habits that may complement or disagree with another owner’s personality type.

For example, Sporty dog breeds need energy so a homebody kind of owner will be having lots of problems dealing with their nature.This is the exact reason why dogs’ personalities should be a perfect match with the owner.

Having the right kind of dog and breed that matches your interests and personality will surely save you from headaches and let’s you achieve the perfect balance and harmonious relationship you want with your dog.

Dog Breeds and their Personality Types

A recent study conducted by Bath Spa University psychologists showed that each dog breed corresponds to a certain human personality type: extroversion, agreeableness, meticulousness, intelligence and emotional stability. Here are the personality types and their equivalent dog breeds.

1. Extroverts (Herd Dogs: Corgis, Collies, German Shepherds)

Extroverts are more likely to be drawn to herding type dogs such as German Shepherds, Collies and Corgis.

These dogs are often outside and used to mingling with other dogs and animals which are also qualities of a human extrovert.

2. Agreeableness ( Gun dogs: Golden Retrievers, English Setter, Spaniels)

Traditional gun dog types are historically agreeable as they are constant hunting companions.

Therefore, these dogs are perfectly matched with people who are equally pleasant and nice to hang out with.

3. Meticulousness (Utility dogs: Schnauzers, Poodles, Dalmatians)

Detail oriented or meticulous people tend to gravitate towards the Utility dogs group as this dog group were bred for certain tasks that are specific and complicated such as hunting, guarding and rodent trapping.

4.  Intelligence (Toy dogs: Chihuahuas, Pugs, Yorkies)

Toy dogs may be popular pets of celebrities but that doesn’t mean they’re airheads as some of their owners are. On the contrary, these breed of dogs are of the intelligent type.

5. Emotional Stability (Hound dogs: Dashchunds, Beagles, Greyhounds)

Hound dogs track and chase game. This may be one of the reasons why they’re emotionally stable. Owners owning these type of dogs may show stable emotions as well.

Personalities are emotional and psychological cues that help you find the right dog for you. Moreover, dog breeds allow people to have a variety of choices when it comes to selecting the right canine for them. With the right match and a positive reinforcement, you dog will surely be a great addition to your home.

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Question: What’s your personality type? Do you have a dog that suits your interests and lifestyle?  

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