10 Interesting Puppy Facts You Definitely Want to Know

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Interesting Puppy Facts

A puppy is one of the most fascinating creatures of the young animal kingdom.

In fact, the internet and even social media sites are crawling with lots of puppy pictures and articles.

This proves immensely how popular puppies are and how they’d always stay as the number one pets of choice around the world.

That’s why in this article, we will take a look at 10 interesting puppy facts that you’d surely want to know.

Puppy Power: 10 Interesting Puppy Facts

Puppies are the cutest things on earth. Aside from that they are very playful and fun to be with. Here are 10 facts about puppies that will interest you.

1. Puppies are born blind, deaf and toothless

Puppies are fragile little things when born and so it’s no surprise that they don’t have complete senses at birth. They don’t also develop teeth until six or eight weeks old.

2. Smaller puppies mature faster than larger ones

Smaller puppies grow from birth up until a year. Larger puppies do their growing from birth to up to three years. Growth is much ensured if you give them proper dog food at this time.

3. Paws are indicators of puppy’s future size

If you’ve got a mixed breed or you’re not sure what breed your puppy is, you can guess a lot about its future size through its paws. Of course larger paws mean bigger dogs and smaller ones indicate smaller dogs.

4. Puppies also shed fur

If you see your puppy’s once slick fur thinning, don’t be alarmed. Puppies also shed fur as early as 12 to 16 weeks. You can help quicken this process by doing proper puppy care through brushing their fur to eliminate matted ones.

5. Puppies can only hear first syllables of their names

Yes, puppies can only hear the first sound of their names. For example, Ginger would only hear the “Gin” part of their name. That’s why, one syllable commands are effective as the puppies perfectly hear their sound.

6. Some puppies change tongue colors

Chow Chow puppies originally have pink tongues but as they get older (8-10 weeks), they slowly turn blue black. Cool, right?

7. Puppies pee more often than dogs

Puppies have smaller bladders so they don’t have much control over their peeing habits. However, their bladders mature at around 4 months, which will make potty training much easier.

8. Puppies start smelling early

Puppies develop their keen sense of smell as early as 3 weeks. Because of this, it is advisable to remove toxic smells around the house especially chemical based detergents to avoid puppies getting sick.

9. Puppies sleep 90% of the time

Ever why puppies grow a lot in their first week? It’s because they sleep most of the time and eat with the remaining 10% of the day.

10. Puppies are highly trainable

Puppies are attentive and energetic. Their love of play also enables them to accept training more as they also associate this activity with play. at this stage of their lives, you can already insert potty training,

Puppies are lovely animals to have but it would be lovelier to have knowledge about them too. Knowing puppy facts and information will help you become a better owner and canine best friend

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Question: What other puppy facts do you find interesting?

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