About Me:

Dog Training On Demand DTOD Cliff

Cliff Santos

If you have found this page it is probably because you want dog training help!

Instead of rambling on about myself or what I do, I would rather have my dog share…

Hey, my name is Krum (pronounced Kroom). Yes, I know, weird and I didn’t pick it, but that story is for another day.

If you were wondering what I am, I’m a Belgian Malinois.

I truly love life after going through the dog training system. I have tons of fun doing soo many cool things.

My favorite being that I love helping kids, other dogs, and even adults get over their fear of dogs and teach them how to approach and pet dogs.

Here are some other things that I can do because of the dog training system that I think rock!

I can go out with my dad when he goes to busy areas or just hang out and wait for him while he eats.

I go to the beach and play with my toy in the water or I dig and bury it and we play Frisbee too.

Dog Training On Demand DTOD Krum

I learned dog sports where I have to pay very good attention, sniff and keep my nose on the ground to follow a track, and the fun part is barking and chasing the bad guy.

I learned and competed in a sport where I had to jump really far, jump really high, and swim really fast in a huge pool to get my toy where I won cool stuff.

The best part is that I learned it in that same weekend and all the other stuff I do is all because of going through the dog training system.